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A fascinating quest to solve a gripping sci-fi mystery.

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Two new friends brought together by chance search for a missing man. Two adoptive sisters brought together by tragedy try to unravel the enigmatic, forgotten past of the elder one. The two groups’ efforts quickly bring them together, and their apparently unrelated mysteries turn out to be part of a single conundrum that grows perpetually more intricate. The closer they get to the solution, the more they are dragged into a seemingly hopeless battle. Allies from both the past and the present join them in their struggle against a powerful enemy. Are you ready to join them too?

Latest book in the Series: The Fall of the Gods

The mysterious disappearance of a brilliant scientist. The world’s tallest skyscraper and its hidden wonders. An extravagant new friend who is not at all what he appears. A seemingly normal woman with an enigmatic, forgotten past, and her unclear connection to the missing scientist. Her cryptic, otherworldly dreams, and their ever-elusive meaning. These are the main ingredients of the adventure that awaits Yuki Kashizawa in The Fall of the Gods, the kick-starter book of The Elynx Saga.

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The Pillars of Hercules

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  • Technically speaking, I’m not working on The Pillars of Hercules. (POH for short.) I really need to revise some of the backstory of the series, so I’m doing that (when I have the time). Then again, it’s not like POH doesn’t exist at all; it mostly does, but it’s very far from its final version, and hasn’t been translated into English at all yet. That’s why I’m giving it a 5%-complete percentage. Don’t hold your breath. ;)

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  • I spent the past few months working on the necessary preparations, and finally The Elynx Saga goes free! Starting today, each ebook in the series is distributed under Creative Common licence. You’ll find all the details here. Alas, the only book available at the moment is still only FOG, but a second edition of it is now available both in Italian and English. They both include a new acknowledgemens section and some minor changes ehere and there, but while the Italian version is basically identical to the previous version, the English version underwent several corrections, even more numerous than I thought. Either way, I recommend to upgrade to the new version. ;)
  • Okay, so both the English and Italian versions of this website are unofficially up. I say unofficially because I don’t really want to advertise TES again before the corrected English version of FOG is ready. The site can stay up, but I won’t be telling it around for still some time ;). If you happen to drop by, know that it’s still in kind of a testing phase, so it may disappear with no warning and then be back again, and there may be broken links and other issues. (If you find any, I’d be glad if you could let me know.)
  • I know, I know. It’s been a long while since I posted anything. So long, in fact, that I have a new website up! (The old one was horrible, let’s face it.) I’ve dropped WordPress and reverted to good ol’ HTML5. Each page, picture, etc you can find on has been carefully crafted by yours truly, and I’m pretty happy with the result. This means there’s no blog: If I’ll ever need to post anything longer than a short update, I’ll do so on l4t. Also, I’m soon going to republish the English version of FOG, because of a few translation errors that made it to the final version. Nothing critical, but you know, I can be quite pedantic...

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