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A fascinating quest to solve a gripping sci-fi mystery.

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The origins of The Elynx Saga

Long ago I wanted to write a science fiction book. The first time I picked up my pen, it was to write a novel based largely on one of my favourite video games. I tend to dream big, so I started to envision it as the first instalment of a trilogy. However, I soon realised that I hadn’t the foggiest clue about how to get even halfway through the first book. My story was going nowhere, so, upsetting as that was, I abandoned it.

Later on, inspired by another game and a comic series, I came up with an idea for yet—sigh—another trilogy. I thought the idea itself was really cool, but I once again faced the same problem: The plot was going nowhere. The mystery I hoped to weave had no substance whatsoever, and the miserable excuse for a plot was on its way to Banal Town at full speed. But, as said, I have a tendency to megalomania dream big: Not only did I not know how to finish the first book, but I was already thinking about what to write in the second one. Particularly, I was looking for a cool antagonist for the main character. At that point, I was struck by the thought that one of the characters from the first series would be well suited to that role, but that was an unimportant detail standing between me and a more significant realisation. What really mattered was that the two series, incomplete on their own, could give each other what they were missing, i.e. an actual plot and a mystery to unravel. I started to work on the connection between the two series, and with time, The Elynx Saga took the form it has today.

I always have trouble answering when asked what my sci-fi series is about. That’s because it’s difficult to summarise The Elynx Saga without spoiling the plot. What I can tell you is that it is about solving a mystery that has been around forever, yet it begins with a story that appears to be unrelated.

I haven’t written The Elynx Saga with the intention of imparting profound lessons or wisdom on the reader. I have written it simply because I think it is a nice story to tell. It was born of the passions and the interests that I have had throughout my life, and combining these into something with a life of its own is immensely satisfying.

If you’re curious to know more about my inspirations, I invite you to pick up The Elynx Saga. I hope you enjoy it. :)


The Elynx Saga would not be what it is today without the generous help of the following people, whose contributions are duly mentioned in the acknowledgements page of each book.

My warmest thanks go to:

Janne Andsten, Simona Bagalà, Richard Cohen, Laura Kingsley, Anna ‘Simoroshka’ Kruglaia, Brittany Rose, Sergio Rossi, and Caterina Vitale.

Whether you’d like to thank or blame them (and me) depends on how you like my novels, I guess. ;)