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A fascinating quest to solve a gripping sci-fi mystery.

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The Fall of the Gods

When new graduate Yuki Kashizawa moves to London for her PhD, she is certainly not expecting to be dragged into a mystery. At the Deverex Tower, an ultra-modern skyscraper and her new home, Yuki bumps into the extravagant Rupert Howards. He involves her in his personal investigation on the building’s former owner, Edwin Deverex, a brilliant scientist who vanished into thin air years before. The prime suspect, Ayleen Marker, hides more than one secret, and the connection between the enigmatic past told in her dreams and Deverex’s disappearance is unlike anything Yuki and Rupert could ever imagine. The investigation takes an alarming turn when Rupert discovers that the Deverex Tower’s hidden technological wonders have fallen into the wrong hands…

The Fall of the Gods is the first instalment in the science fiction series The Elynx Saga. It paves the way for a long, convoluted story that will intrigue you and take you as far as your imagination can go. Spiced up with superhero and classical sci-fi elements, The Elynx Saga is a hunt for a hidden truth, beginning with a curious, unsolved case of missing person. This is, however, only the tip of the iceberg…

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Good reading

by LAS Reviewer

When one of the world’s richest and most eccentric researchers disappears without a trace leaving behind a vast empire of scientific and technological advances; many interested parties look to investigate. Yet, years later there is still no trace of Edwin Deverex. Life moves on and the posh Deverex Tower is revamped to become a small cityscape bustling with various activity. Yuki Kashizawa moves to London to stay in the Deverex Tower while completing her Ph.D. in Mathematics, never suspecting that she would become entangled in an enigma that will cause her to question everything that she has come to understand.

The story also follows the life of Ayleen, a woman who awakened in the middle of the desert, alone and without memories, found by the missing Edwin Deverex long before his disappearance. Ayleen is trying to piece her memories back together through lucid dreams as she struggles to come to terms with the unexpected disappearance of Mr. Deverex.

The one who can provide the most information on the disappearance of Mr. Deverex is the character Hex. Hex plays a strong role near the middle of the story, which interestingly enough, would not have even involved Yuki if she had not been looking for more to life than completing her Ph.D.

The various story lines blend nicely together and the story itself is greatly researched. Although the bulk of the description lends itself primarily to the sciences and description of technology, the action and combat scenes do not lack in story-telling quality.

I personally struggled at the beginning of the story with the complex sub-plot story lines and narrative style which frequently overlapped, jumping from one scene to the next, often without warning. As the story moves forward the frequent jumping from scene to scene begins to lighten, lending to easier reading. The original story is written in Italian, which lends to a bit of translation and technical errors, which I feel can be overlooked for the underlying quality of the overall story line. [Series’ author’s note: These imperfections have been fixed in the second edition of the book, presently available on this page.]

This is a shorter story, which is the first in the Elynx Series. By the end of the first book I found myself wondering where the author may take the second or further subsequent books. I found myself fascinated with the overall plot of the series and I look forward to future work by this author. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book if you would like to experience an adventure outside of what we often consider normal!

(no title)

by Minna Roust

This book is a nice mixture of superheroism, mystery, sci-fi, mythology and a hint of comedy. The story flows very naturally and it was an effortless read. The story consists of several characters and every chapter progresses all of their stories which become intertwined together. This type of storytelling can be difficult but the author succeeded in this very well, keeping my interest up throughout the journey. I found the mythological aspect of the story extremely intriguing but this book only seems to scratch its surface - leaving us waiting for the next book with interest!